Greg Bee

Greg Bee is an artist. The medium he was most well-known for was spoken word. But now, Greg is stepping off the stage indefintely to focus on his passion for dancing and his career as a nurse. He still loves you, and other people do, too!


Upcoming live performances!

“And on the night that I play my last show, I'll be singing so loud that my heart explodes...”

-Pat the Bunny






My Favorite Poems to Scream on Stage

Poetry Chapbook

My Favorite Poems to Scream on Stage is a collection of all Greg's favorite poems to perform. From “Skinny Jeans,” the first spoken word piece they performed at Penny’s Open Mic in NYC, to “When I Die,” a piece they read for the first time at Word Humboldt a couple weeks before this book was made, and fifteen years of magic in between. All the poems in this collection are previously unreleased.

Out of Print

Being Gender-Fluid Confuses Me More than it confuses you

Poetry Chapbook

Being Gender-fluid Confuses Me More Than it Confuses You is a collection of four poems that explore gender euphoria and the absurdity of existence.

Out of Print

Saying Goodbye to Toxic Boys


Saying Goodbye to Toxic Boys is a codependent love story. Maggie and Devin cling onto one another as trauma unfolds in both their lives. Together they learn if love and mindfulness can be enough to break their cycle.

Out of Print

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